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    turning back time

    Novel – Let Me Game in Peace –Let Me Game in Peace

    Chapter 1181 – Already Sullied ugly disgusted

    “Zhou Wen, screw you. You might perish a horrid loss.”

    While his body looked love it got healed, his term was ugly. His term was extremely grotesque as his entire body appeared to tremble marginally.

    He wasn’t only amazed that Zhou Wen acquired really granted him a Terror-class Associate Monster, but he seemed to be taken aback that Zhou Wen had given him a hatched Companion Beast. An skill was completely unheard of.

    In Singularity Universe, a superstar was demolished. Simultaneously, a Partner Monster on Zhou Wen’s human body was moved to Li Xuan. A strange label showed up in Li Xuan’s palm.

    Needless to say, this is exactly the worst case condition. Having a Calamity bigshot much like the antelope around, there is probably not any hazard even though they hit the genuine Netherworld.

    One minute in the future, Li Xuan limped out. His sight were definitely full of tears when he wore a glance of lose hope as if he was a maiden who had previously been defiled using a hundred men.

    Though his body system looked as if it experienced recovered, his concept was unappealing. His concept was extremely grotesque as his entire body did actually tremble a little bit.

    One hour later on, the torment chambers started again. Li Xuan strode to the next torture chamber and muttered, “If there is such a good price next occasion, be sure you get me all over again.”

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    “F*ck it, I give up,” Li Xuan stated angrily.

    Now, whenever Lu Bushun investigated a torture chamber’s doorway, he noticed a form of forbidding horror. It turned out almost like it wasn’t a doorway though the entry ways to h.e.l.l.

    “How many?”

    “Commander Lu, there’s no reason to drive it,” An Tianzuo said to Lu Bushun.

    “Fine! You will be loaded as well as have what is required being willful. It is a throw away to never bring it,” Li Xuan claimed.

    “That’s nothing at all,” Li Xuan said having a laugh.

    Just after suffering over half the tortures, all people could clearly feel that something was amiss with Lu Bushun.

    Every time they went around to have a look, their expression immediately altered. Their expressions whenever they looked at Lu Bushun became unusual.

    Lu Bushun shut down his sight and gritted his tooth before charging you to the torment holding chamber.

    “You’ve used the Mate Beast. Didn’t you express that there is definitely no worries? Didn’t you state that it’ll be fine?” Zhou Wen explained.

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    “Shut up.” Li Xuan glared at him. “Be frank. Will there be this kind of punishments further more on?”

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    Zhou Wen had transmitted the environment Devourer to Li Xuan, wishing that he or she may have much more personal-defense skills. If anything occurred to him during the genuine Netherworld, he could possibly utilize it.

    “Probably… Perhaps… There’s still… some… I guess…” Zhou Wen stammered.

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    Li Xuan hadn’t heightened any queries and came up without having a word when he asked his help. On the other hand, this visit was just too damaging. No one understood what was inside the a fact Netherworld and what hazards there were clearly.

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    Regardless of cursing, Li Xuan could only bite the bullet and step to another torment chamber.

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    How performed he carry on pretty much everything time?

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    Lu Bushun shut down his eyeballs and gritted his tooth enamel before billing into your torture holding chamber.

    Zhou Wen decreased his head and whispered as an classic monk, “Ahem, develop is emptiness and emptiness is form. The rest is fleeting. It doesn’t can be found. It doesn’t occur.”


    “Let’s go now.” Ultimately, it absolutely was An Tianzuo who gave the order. He led others through, causing Lu Bushun plus an Jingyu while watching Timber Horse Consequence torment chamber.

    “Quickly conclude it.” Zhou Wen did not look inside and dealt with his view together with his hand because he shouted.

    However, when Lu Bushun came out, he has become even more defeated.

    Li Xuan searched inside and the expression improved as he noticed the timber horse with horns on its lower back. Just like he was approximately to getaway, Zhou Wen kicked him in to the wood made horse area.

    In an hour or so, Li Xuan could resist a lot more than thirty punishments, although Lu Bushun could do about twenty furthermore. The key reason was that An Jingyu’s Time Velocity wasn’t as effective as Zhou Wen’s phrases, so Lu Bushun was actually a little more slowly.